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We begin with a song and then provide a brief moment to meet one another. At this time, children are dismissed to kids' ministry.  We also some announcements about things that are happening at Riverfront.



Each week one of the pastors or member from our Preaching Team gives a 25-30 min talk. Our sermons always come from the Bible and also focus on relevant application to your life. We believe in team teaching and have a Preaching Team that includes both pastoral staff and lay preachers. We think hearing from different people is really helpful.

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After the sermon, the worship band plays and we provide a few ways for people to respond to God.  One of our pastors offers communion (grape juice and matzoh) each week. All are welcome to partake. The other pastor is available at the side of the room for personal prayer. We also have candles and a place to write personal prayer requests. We also collect our main offering during this time in addition to supporting a monthly cause each month (past organizations have been Hands on Hartford, Forge City Works, The Reformation Project, etc.).



We enter into a time of worship of God in song led by our worship band.  Our music is known for being contemporary and dynamic. We have a worship with a guitar, piano and djembe rather than a choir and organ. Some people may physically express their praise through raised hands and movement, others are still and quiet.  In this time of response, people often discover God responds back.  You may find yourself worshipping in one style one week and another the next. The same might be true for how God responds to you. This diversity is reflective of our pursuit of a living and dynamic God.



After the worship, we spend a few minutes responding to the Holy Spirit as a community. This looks different each week. Sometimes one of the pastors leads a a corporate Spiritual Direction or Guided Meditation.  Other weeks we open it up for anyone to verbally share what God is speaking to them.



We usually wrap up by about 11:45 and finish each Sunday by saying our Common Purpose and Benediction together.

Now let us go forth into the world

full of faith in a God who loves us all,

following Jesus our Lord,

striving towards good,

loving one another,

rejoicing in God’s Presence,

and using our gifts

to make earth more like heaven. 

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