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In today's world, there are many important theological issues that people of faith disagree about. While we embrace a "big tent" approach to theology, we also have strong convictions on certain issues. Three of those issues are:

  1. We are a fully EGALITARIAN church, affirming the full gifts and leadership of all people, no matter their gender or gender identity.

  2. We are an ANTI-RACIST church, believing that we must be active in the work of dismantling systemic racism in the world.

  3. We are a fully WELCOMING & AFFIRMING church for the LGBTQ community.

Each of these convictions are because we believe this what Jesus and the Bible teach and call us to as a people of faith.


Founded by a dynamic leader and pastor Nancy Butler, we have always been a church committed to affirming and developing the gifts and leadership of all people regardless of gender or gender identity.


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Riverfront Family Church is fully committed to the liberation of each person from the bonds of oppression and injustice, acknowledging that we all need to be liberated. This is our sacred work.

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We fully welcome, affirm, and celebrate the LGBTQ+ community.


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