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Jesus is our Guide to the very heart of God and the Head of the Church. We trust His words; we apply the priorities of Scripture as He explained them; we listen to the Holy Spirit; and we learn from good role models.

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2. spiritual practices

You get out of it what you put into it. We encourage corporate worship, personal prayer and Bible study, small group fellowship with other believers, giving generously locally and globally, and stewarding well all of God's creation


3. invitational

We believe many people are just waiting for an invitation. We seek to identify people in our lives who are receptive to Jesus's message and are willing to stretch ourselves by sharing our faith with others.

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4. radical inclusivity

Spiritual maturity and giftedness determine where a member serves, rather than gender, gender-identity, sexual orientation, age, disability, ethnicity, social status, or race. We love everyone who comes through our doors just the way they are.


5. children

Children are not just the church of tomorrow, but a vital part of our church family today. We prioritize the spiritual formation of children in our church and affirm children's gifts and talents as well as their full participation in the life of the church.


6. neighboring

We seek to love our neighbors as Jesus loves them. We intentionally seek to build relationships with and learn from neighbors of different faiths, cultures and socioeconomic statuses, as we come alongside these brothers and sisters to be advocates for justice and peace.

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