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Building a Thriving Community of Faith and Connection Dear House Gathering Participants, Welcome to the heart of our church community - our Small Home Gatherings. Your presence and active involvement are central to the success of this unique model of ministry at Riverfront Family Church. As participants, your role in creating an atmosphere of growth, belonging, and mission is vital. Here are our expectations for you: 1. SHOW UP - Choose and Commit:

  • Commit to a group that suits your interests, schedule and location, whether in-person or online. Your consistency in attendance fosters community and spiritual growth.

  • Actively engage in your chosen group by attending regularly and being present both physically and emotionally.

2. DIVE IN - Active Participation:

  • To thrive, our groups need your active participation. Share your thoughts, insights, and experiences during discussions and activities.

  • Support your fellow members by listening attentively, offering encouragement, and valuing diverse perspectives.

3. TAKE SOME RISKS - Embrace Vulnerability:

  • Building meaningful relationships and doing life together can be challenging. Embrace vulnerability, honesty, and effort in your interactions.

  • Be open to sharing your struggles and triumphs, knowing that this authenticity deepens connections and fosters empathy.

4. BE READY TO GROW - Seek Spiritual Growth:

  • Expect to be challenged and inspired in your faith journey. Our gatherings are designed to encourage personal and spiritual growth.

  • Be open to new ideas, perspectives, and insights that may expand your understanding of God and His purpose for your life.


  • Extend a warm welcome to all participants, regardless of their backgrounds, experiences, or beliefs. Foster a culture of inclusivity and acceptance.

  • Embrace diversity and strive to create an environment where everyone feels valued and heard.

6. GO BEYOND ONE DAY A WEEK - Build Relationships:

  • Be intentional about connecting with fellow group members outside of the scheduled gatherings. These relationships deepen as you share life beyond the meeting room.

  • Consider organizing social events, service projects, or simply spending time together to strengthen your bonds.

7. TAKE IT TO THE COMMUNITY - Embrace Mission:

  • As a group, explore and commit to a mission or service project that serves the broader community. Engage in acts of justice, compassion, and love.

  • Use your collective strength to make a positive impact, reflecting Christ's love to those in need.

Conclusion: Your participation in our Home Gatherings is not just about attending a weekly meeting; it's about actively shaping a vibrant community of faith, growth, and service. By choosing to SHOW UP, DIVE IN, TAKE SOME RISKS, BE READY TO GROW, CREATE A CULTURE OF BELONGING, GO BEYOND ONE DAY A WEEK, and TAKE IT TO THE COMMUNITY, you contribute to the rich tapestry of our church.

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Empowering Spiritual Growth and Community Building Dear House Gathering Facilitator, As a Home Gathering Facilitator, you are a vital catalyst in our shared journey of spiritual growth and community building within the Riverfront Family Church. Your role is pivotal in creating meaningful and transformative experiences during our weekly Small Home Gatherings. Your responsibilities encompass planning, engagement, and delegation, ensuring that each week's gathering experience enriches the lives of our members. Here's what we expect from you: 1. Planning and Coordination:

  • Collaborate with your group to plan and coordinate the weekly gathering experience. These gatherings should be dynamic, engaging, and spiritually enriching.

  • Create a welcoming atmosphere by setting up the physical space and providing clear communication about the gathering's format and objectives.

2. Engaging Each Member:

  • Foster a sense of belonging and participation within your group. Ensure that each member feels valued, heard, and encouraged to contribute.

  • Encourage open and respectful discussions that promote personal and spiritual growth.

3. Delegation of Roles:

  • Empower group members by delegating various roles for each gathering. This could include leading a prayer, sharing a scripture passage, or organizing a mission activity.

  • Rotate facilitation responsibilities among group members to encourage leadership development and a diverse range of perspectives.

Elements of Each Gathering: Each week, your role involves guiding the group through a diverse range of activities that can include, but are not limited to:

  • Fellowship: Provide intentional time for members to connect with each other relationally, fostering a sense of community.

  • Worship: Create opportunities for members to encounter God through different avenues such as music, poetry, readings, and centering prayer.

  • Word: Share and explore scripture through teaching, discussion, videos, sharing, or other means to deepen understanding and faith.

  • Sharing: Create a safe space for members to share their learning, struggles, and experiences, nurturing open dialogue and support.

  • Prayer: Dedicate time to pray for each other, the church, and the community, deepening the spiritual connection within the group.

  • Mission: Collaboratively explore and engage in important work related to justice, mission, and community outreach. This can include collaboration with other groups as well.

Support and Resources: You won't embark on this journey alone. The Pastors and Leadership Team are here to provide you with resources and training to enhance your facilitation skills. We encourage you to reach out for guidance and support. Communication with Leadership: Transparency is key. Please communicate any concerns, issues, or exciting developments within your group to the Pastors and Leadership Team. We value your insights and feedback. Conclusion: As a Home Gathering Facilitator, you play an essential role in shaping the spiritual and communal growth of our members. Your dedication to planning meaningful gatherings, engaging participants, and fostering leadership will contribute significantly to the vitality of our church community.

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Welcome to the Heart of Our Ministry

Dear Home Gathering Host, We are thrilled to embark on this transformative journey together as we embrace a new model of ministry at Riverfront Family Church. This innovative approach places the heart of our community within the intimate setting of Small Home Gatherings, with a monthly Corporate Large Group worship to foster a deeper connection with God and one another. As a Home Gathering Host, your role is pivotal in making this vision a reality. Your warmth, hospitality, and open home will create an inviting and nurturing space for spiritual growth and fellowship. Here are your key responsibilities: 1. Open Your Home with Open Arms:

  • Your home will be the sanctuary where our Small Home Gatherings unfold. Welcome between 6 to 12 people each week, fostering a sense of intimacy and community.

  • Ensure your space is clean and conducive to spiritual discussions and reflection.

2. Provide Basic Hospitality:

  • Create an atmosphere of comfort by offering simple refreshments such as coffee, tea, and water. These modest offerings will enhance the sense of togetherness.

  • You need not be a gourmet chef or barista; the essence is in the shared moments around your table.

3. Extend the Gift of Welcome:

  • As the Home Gathering Host, your friendly demeanor will set the tone for each meeting. Greet everyone with an open heart and a warm smile.

  • Make an effort to get to know newcomers and make them feel included. Your role is to foster a sense of belonging.

Key Distinction: Facilitator vs. Host:

  • It's important to note that your role as a Home Gathering Host is distinct from that of the group facilitator. While the facilitator guides the discussions and activities, your role is centered on creating an inviting environment.

The Power of Your Contribution: As a Home Gathering Host, you play a vital part in our church community. You are the guardian of the sacred space where faith is nurtured, relationships are deepened, and lives are transformed. Your commitment to opening your home, providing hospitality, and offering a warm welcome contributes immeasurably to the success of this ministry model. Support and Resources: We value your dedication and will provide you with resources and support to help you thrive in your role. Regular meetings and training sessions will be available to enhance your hosting skills and address any questions or concerns. Conclusion: In this new model of ministry, you are not just hosting gatherings; you are fostering an environment where people can experience God's love and grow spiritually. Your contributions will be cherished, and your dedication will be the cornerstone of our church community.

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