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  • Pastor Ben

We are excited to be partnering with Immanuel Congregational Church to combine our elementary-aged ministry "Christian Kids". The program meets concurrent to the main service (kids are dismissed from the service around 10:15 AM).

Check our this update from Pastor Tracy:

Need more info? Email

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  • Community Engagement

We got a very nice thank you from the folks at Billings Forge Apartments. They were very grateful for our support of their Baclk to School BBQ. We hope to continue to build these relationships and connections with our neighbors!

"Hi Ben - I want to thank you so much with the partnership and the donations you gave to our residents in the BBQ and thanks for the extra mile you put in finding backpack donations from the Hispanic Health Council. We appreciate you!

Thanks to the volunteers that came from your church (Riverfront Family Church) they were awesome with our kids playing all those games.. I think they had more energy than the kids!! Say hi from me and many thanks for coming to the BBQ! 🙏 We really enjoyed having all of you at the BBQ with us!😊

Please let me know if you want to get involved with this community enagagement in the future. We are definitely looking for more opportunities!

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  • Justice Action Team

This statement was officially adopted by the RFC members on 8/21/22:

Riverfront Family Church is fully committed to the liberation of each person from the bonds of oppression and injustice, acknowledging that we all need to be liberated. This is our sacred work.
We believe in a God who loves us all, without exception, and that God’s love is both just and merciful.
We believe that it is our responsibility to work to heal the wounds caused when the Christian church has been used as a weapon of intersectional harm and exploitation. This is our spiritual responsibility.
We actively seek to expose and dismantle our complicity with beliefs and systems--including white supremacy--that perpetuate injustice and oppression.
We reject the violence and spiritual falsehood of relationships based on coercion or hierarchy. We embrace “power-with” relationships, elevate the value of communal responsibility over the value of individualism, and seek the ongoing creation of cooperative egalitarian community. This is the lived expression of our beliefs.
We value deep listening, humility, joy, relational power, transformation, restoration, and equity.
We commit to following pro-Black BIack, Indigeness, and People of Color (BIPOC) civil rights leaders & community leaders of all ethnicities, genders, sexualities, abilities, faith traditions, and generations--past, present, and future--in solidarity and with deep respect. We commit to supporting justice work as it takes shape in our congregation and beyond.
We believe justice and liberation of all of us is necessary for real love, joyful relationship, and the wholeness that the Creator intended for all of creation.
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