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August Experiments & New Service Time

Dear RFC Family,

As we look forward to the Fall and school year, we want to let you know about some exciting things we are working on!

With Pastor Jen leaving our staff team this summer, we have been looking at different and new options for ministering to our children and youth. We are excited an opportunity to fully partner with Immanuel Congregational Church with their children's ministry.

This would entail joining with their existing program on Sundays. Their current spiritual formation program for children is a values and justice based curriculum, led y a full time staff person. They also have two additional part time staff working with their children. The full program includes weely Sundays, outreach to families by the pastor, and combined special holiday events like the Christmas pageant and Easter party.

In order to make this work, we will need to move our service time to 10:00 AM. This way, children will be with the full community for part of worship, before heading to their own experience, similar to how we have always functioned.

We will spend the month of August testing out the Sunday, 10 AM start time. We need to see how this works in terms of sound (as ICC will be meeting at the same time). Assuming that it all works out (or can be worked out), we will continue with this service time into the Fall.

In the meantime, (1) please mark your calendars for all the Sundays in August - 10AM start time! And (2) please give us feedback about the new time, joint program, etc. You can comment here or email

Thanks and Blessings!

- Pastor Ben

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