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Home Group Facilitator Expectations

Empowering Spiritual Growth and Community Building Dear House Gathering Facilitator, As a Home Gathering Facilitator, you are a vital catalyst in our shared journey of spiritual growth and community building within the Riverfront Family Church. Your role is pivotal in creating meaningful and transformative experiences during our weekly Small Home Gatherings. Your responsibilities encompass planning, engagement, and delegation, ensuring that each week's gathering experience enriches the lives of our members. Here's what we expect from you: 1. Planning and Coordination:

  • Collaborate with your group to plan and coordinate the weekly gathering experience. These gatherings should be dynamic, engaging, and spiritually enriching.

  • Create a welcoming atmosphere by setting up the physical space and providing clear communication about the gathering's format and objectives.

2. Engaging Each Member:

  • Foster a sense of belonging and participation within your group. Ensure that each member feels valued, heard, and encouraged to contribute.

  • Encourage open and respectful discussions that promote personal and spiritual growth.

3. Delegation of Roles:

  • Empower group members by delegating various roles for each gathering. This could include leading a prayer, sharing a scripture passage, or organizing a mission activity.

  • Rotate facilitation responsibilities among group members to encourage leadership development and a diverse range of perspectives.

Elements of Each Gathering: Each week, your role involves guiding the group through a diverse range of activities that can include, but are not limited to:

  • Fellowship: Provide intentional time for members to connect with each other relationally, fostering a sense of community.

  • Worship: Create opportunities for members to encounter God through different avenues such as music, poetry, readings, and centering prayer.

  • Word: Share and explore scripture through teaching, discussion, videos, sharing, or other means to deepen understanding and faith.

  • Sharing: Create a safe space for members to share their learning, struggles, and experiences, nurturing open dialogue and support.

  • Prayer: Dedicate time to pray for each other, the church, and the community, deepening the spiritual connection within the group.

  • Mission: Collaboratively explore and engage in important work related to justice, mission, and community outreach. This can include collaboration with other groups as well.

Support and Resources: You won't embark on this journey alone. The Pastors and Leadership Team are here to provide you with resources and training to enhance your facilitation skills. We encourage you to reach out for guidance and support. Communication with Leadership: Transparency is key. Please communicate any concerns, issues, or exciting developments within your group to the Pastors and Leadership Team. We value your insights and feedback. Conclusion: As a Home Gathering Facilitator, you play an essential role in shaping the spiritual and communal growth of our members. Your dedication to planning meaningful gatherings, engaging participants, and fostering leadership will contribute significantly to the vitality of our church community.

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