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  • Michael Minch

Vision Process Update


The process of conversation and discernment we have used this summer to take an inventory of where we are as a church, and where we want to go, who we are, and who we want to be—is not over!

We have been in a time of reflection and anticipation, waiting for Pastor Michael to join us. Now that he is one of our pastors and settling in, it is time to revisit the journey we’ve been on, as we have revisited our identity, purpose, mission, and vision.

Here, we restate the summary of our conversations, but we will also add some ideas about mission and leadership generated by our pastors and the board.

As a community, Riverfront Family Church

  • Values diversity and inclusivity of many kinds, from the differences of racial identity to theological and spiritual to neurodiversity.

  • Welcomes and embraces children and youth.

  • Commits to healing, wellbeing, and social justice.

  • Intends to be a safe haven for the LGBTQ+ community.

  • Encourages engagement in deconstruction, seeking, and belief in whatever swirling and fluid combination they are at, at any given time.

  • Aspires to be a powerful force of ministry in the Hartford area.

  • Commits to anti-racism and building peace and reconciliation.

  • Engages the problematic [sic recommend change to ‘challenges”] of climate change.

  • Commits to helping others encounter Jesus and become more like him, that spiritual

  • growth and discipleship is integral to our purpose and Mission.

We are an “experiment” of sorts, and “quirky”! We affirm that we want to be available to one another, building up our church “bearing one another’s burdens” and caring for one another with love.

For the past several weeks, the board and our pastors have discussed a new model of leadership and ministry that we believe fits well with the vision summarized above. We did not “roll out” this model and language because we waited for Pastor Michael to join us and give his input.

The idea is that there will be six “Action Teams” (in our now tentative language) in the church, each with leadership from someone not on the board, and each with a board member who is a liaison to that Action Team. They are the:

  • Worship Action Team

  • Fellowship (about ministry to and with members of RFC) Action Team

  • Community Engagement (about ministry beyond RFC) Action Team

  • Spiritual Growth Action Team

  • Justice Action Team

  • Children and Youth Action Team

Realising that stewardship is critically important to all that we do, we have discussed the merits of a Stewardship Action Team or rather, making sure we keep focused on stewardship in all the Action Teams.

You will recall that early this summer you received a message about the possible adoption of a Purpose Statement or Mission Statement (noting that our church simply does not have one). This idea is still alive. We (your pastors and board) will suggest a Statement in the weeks ahead.

We will present a campaign and process of transition from these ideas and commitments to the embodiment of them. That is, as a church, we believe we are now ready to move from conversation and discernment about our identity, purpose, and mission, toward the structures that will incarnate our vision, fellowship, and ministry. All church members will have the explicit opportunity to volunteer for ministry in a number of different ways.

Please look for, and pray for, the beginning of this transition on Sunday, September 18. Please join us in a season of anticipation.

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