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There are many ways to serve and volunteer at Riverfront Family Church -- and there is  no better way to get connected with our community. 

Sunday Service Ministries

Opportunities Include:

  • AV Team

  • Worship/Music Team

  • Liturgy Leader

  • Hospitality/Greeting

Small Group Leader

Opportunities Include:

  • Lead a Huddle

  • Lead a Small Group Bible Study

  • Lead a Discussion Group

  • Lead an Activity Group

Children & Youth Ministries

Opportunities Include*:

  • Volunteer in Nursery

  • Volunteer in Christian Kids

  • Volunteer w/Middle Schoolers

  • Volunteer w/High Schoolers

*Note: All volunteers and staff working with children must go through an application process & background check.

Justice Ministries

Opportunities Include:

  • Join our Justice Action Team

Community Engagement

Opportunities Include:

  • Lead our Community Engagement Action Team

  • Serve on our Community Engagement Action Team

Fellowship Ministries

Opportunities Include:

  • Lead our Fellowship Action Team

  • Serve on our Fellowship Action Team

  • Provide Meals for People In Need

  • Help Plan Fellowship Events

Spiritual Growth Ministries

Opportunities Include:

  • Lay Preaching Team

  • Teach a Discipleship Class

  • Prayer Ministry

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